A Site to give advice & help to those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being faced with divorce. I managed to complete the whole process without either of us engaging a solicitor and I am convinced that this approach spared us many arguments and saved a significant sum of money. I hope it helps you.



    Many have asked where they can get a copy of their decree absolute, find out how here !

    Back in June 1999, at the age of 40, I found myself amidst a completely unexpected divorce. There were no warning signs, no time to prepare myself for that fateful day when I would be told "I don't love you anymore". I was devastated, I thought we had it all, surely this wasn't happening. But it was, and at the time I was too shocked to think of the immediate implications.

    I had heard many horror stories of men who had been destroyed by the CSA, and I suppose for 6 months or so, I had my own horrors to confront.

    I lost over 5 stone in weight, was off work for 6 months, spent a year on tranquillisers, developed panic attacks and regularly contemplated suicide.

    Now in late 2002 I can reflect over the years and, if I am honest, there are still areas that I find so unjust, things that I still don't believe and a few things that still churn my stomach with frustration, sometimes anger. But above all I have accepted what has happended, got on with my life, put my children first and I am grateful for the resolution my ex-wife and I have achieved.

    I am still building this site and plan that one day it will contain everything you need to be able to do the same as I managed !


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